Fleet Tracking System

TIGTrack are part of a European group of mobile telematics and technology partners formed from the core management of the ex Nokia m2m team. We are based in the UK, Germany, Finland and Poland proudly offering a high quality range of products and services manufactured in Europe. Our approach is personal and bespoke to each new relationship as is the delivery and implementation of each new client project. We have been in the business for over 10 years supplying both trade and fleet owners. We enjoy the commercial and technical challenge of the diverse sector in which we operate whilst constantly striving to develop the value of our services to the benefit of our clients.

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Live Fleet Tracking System - Features and Benefits

Live Tracking Device

  • With our web based interface no IT investment is required.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Current position of driver and vehicle status displayed.
  • Contemporary and historical journey histories available.
  • Quickly identify which vehicle is nearest to a specific location.
  • Fully-featured free smart-phone App available.
  • Reports - bespoke and downloadable.
  • Access using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • Low monthly instalments.
  • Installed & configured for you

Business Vehicle Tracking

  • Enjoy peace of mind that you are looking after staff, vehicles and customers.
  • Track your mobile workforce in real-time.
  • Reduce fuel costs and carbon-footprint.
  • Track employee overtime claims with vehicle usage.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of your employees.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through greater control.
  • Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently.
  • Maintain 'duty of care' for staff.
  • Record use of vehicles out of hours.
  • Monitor various forms of reckless driving.

Dashboard Feature Demonstration Video

business vehicle tracking

Fleet Tracking With TIGTrack

The combination of TIGTrack high quality products and applications will help your business reduce operating costs and respond to your customers better in operational situations.

TIGTrack will provide you with a live window into your fleet’s life allowing you to allocate resources smarter and react to incidents as they occur. Better informed – better prepared!

Through Understanding:

  • where a vehicle is currently.
  • where it has been previously.
  • and how it has been behaving.

You Can Make Better Judgements About:

  • how much your fleet is costing you.
  • and how to improve your work practices.

With TIGTrack Fleet Tracking You Can:

  • reduce unnecessary trips
  • reduce unnecessary hours
  • reduce unnecessary fuel consumption

Small percentages over time make Big differences to your bottom line!

It’s not just about costs its about safety and security as well!

If your staff have a problem you can get help to them quicker and provide an audit trail in case of prosecution or disagreement.

Additionally you can track and trace the vehicle if it is stolen or missing.

Live TrackingHistoryDaily and Monthly ReportsGeozonesFleet Tracking SystemCommunications with the DriverTachographTank MonitoringSensorsLegal Obligations, Mitigating Risk, Staff Safety and Duty of CareSupport for Disputes, Misuse of Company Resources, Proof and AuditIts Not just about Big Brother!Summary

Live Tracking

live fleet tracking system

The TIGTrack portal presents the following information:

  • Current position on the map.
  • Direction of travel.
  • and speed.
  • Moving or stationary.
  • Address location.
  • Last time the device reported a change in status.
  • Screen refresh every 30 seconds to 1 minute.


vehicle tracking history

All data is stored for 12 months, hence you can:

  • Obtain a summary of the location and speed of a vehicle at a specific time and date.
  • The route history is displayed both on the map and at time points in text format.
  • You can filter on date, time and/ or distance traveled.

This set of features allows you to check routes, distance travelled, provide evidence for reported events, speeding, accidents or driver log hours or tasks etc.

Daily and Monthly Reports

vehicle tracking reporting
Save time, cross check time sheets and working hours to help keep costs under control notto mention providing an easily printable format for submittal to your accounts or for Tax purposes.

TIGTrack Start Stop reporting provides:

  • Detailed daily reports of departure time, arrival time and overall time taken.
  • Detailed monthly reports.
  • Selective reporting for set periods on demand.
  • Displayed in Web format or exportable to MS Excel.


vehicle tracking geozones
Geozones can be create to log events or alert unexpected movement such as theft or un sanctioned use.

Additionally they can be used operationally to track charges, dates and times for Toll Road/Bridges or entering a Congestion Zones for example.

  • Individual Geozones
  • Complex shapes possible with up to 80 points.
  • Generate alerts on Entering, leaving or time factors.
  • Zones can be created and deactivated to use at sepcific times or at a later date.

Fleet Tracking System

fleet management
The fleet tracking solutions provided by the TIGTrack group have been developed for all transport, delivery and service fleets from cars to vans and trucks. The system is based on GPS Satellite, GSM and Internet technology.

This fleet tracking system enables live monitoring, event and status reporting of your vehicles, assets and drivers in real time in the field throughout the UK and Europe.

You can also access historical data for the last 12 months of driving activity. This allows you to improve your operations and protect against false claims or representation.

The TIGTrack system provides a wide range of capabilities that provide operational management and audit not only of the fleet, but of your workforce too . The collection of data and its analysis allows you to fight excessive fuel consumption, better organize the working time of individuals and increase the security of your vehicles.

The system can calculate the working time of drivers, current position and other parameters which enable the creation of reports in graphical and table form. This facilitates quick analysis of distance and times related to each job or task and this can be viewed securely on any suitable web-based device on demand.

Communications with the Driver

vehicle driver tracking
A major problem in using an effective fleet tracking system in transport management is communication. Using mobile phones, pagers and other handheld devices can be problematic for many reasons. Additionally use of roaming connections internationally can make costs difficult to predict .

Our system therefore can result in a significant reduction in international telephone charges.

The 'Navigator' acts as a communication tool allowing an unlimited number of messages to be sent, which can be answered easily or confirmed . We offer a complex system for professional management of routing, loading, and effective planning of the driver operating times and locations.

Features include the following:

  • design a route in the TIGTrack system and send to your driver.
  • obtain confirmation regarding the route and direct your driver.
  • get instant notification of any problems as they occur.
  • see driver closest to do the job.

Critically, the total cost always remains the same regardless how much information is sent.


One of the first on the market, our system can read a digital tachograph and automatically transfer the necessary data from the driver's card to the back-office system.

Commercial driving regulations require the accurate recording of driver activities and request their submission to the Office for Transport . Our system enables you to connects directly to the digital tachograph and driver status information.

Our system works with two models of digital tachographs : Siemens / Continental VDO DTCO 1381 and Stoneridge SE5000.

The following information on your drivers' activity can be obtained:

  • the status of the driver at a given moment.
  • historical driver status information.
  • tachograph report for a specific time period.

These features enable our customers to interpret and control driver working hours in real time.

They help to avoid paying penalties for exceeding the statutory maximum times.

Additionally the analysis of the working time of each driver helps to increase the efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

A really helpful function of reading data from the digital tachograph is the direct transmission to the application in the format *.ddd, which is the officially recognized format within the EU.

This means vehicles do not need to find a place to read the card or return to base. The driver saves time and fuel and sacrifices just 2 minutes to send the entire record which is then immediately available on the TIGTrack portal.

Our system is compatible with driver cards in the EU and countries of the former CIS (Russia , Belarus, Ukraine, etc. ).

The document conforms to 100% of the requirements of the EU regulations.

Tank Monitoring

We understand the control and monitoring of fuel consumption in any fleet is perhaps the most critical factor to success. Even small changes made over many vehicles over time can make huge differences to the bottom line of your business. For this reason we have developed a system that measures fuel consumption for multiple types of vehicles reliably and accurately.

Our system allows you to compare fuel utilisation with other important parameters in order to improve the overall efficiency and operating costs of the fleet.

Fuel monitoring is based on two main parameters: the fuel level and the total fuel consumption. These parameters are taken directly from the vehicle computer (CAN-BUS), from a mounted fuel probe or emissions from the vehicle voltage pulses. The fuel consumption monitoring system is adapted by us to achieve optimum effectiveness in each case.

In most cases CAN-BUS fuel information is available in trucks (Mercedes Benz, MAN, Iveco, DAF, Scania).

Additionally, our devices also allow access to data for Volvo and Renault trucks as well as vans and cars such as Audi A3, Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Renault Master and many others).

The TIGtrack system allows you to access information about:

  • Fuel level and fuel consumption, displayed in the form of a track history for a specified period.
  • Fuel level and fuel consumption, in the form of reports over a certain period.


TIGTrack provides the ability to monitor additional parameters around the vehicle, for example:

Temperature monitoring in refrigerated trucks employed in the transportation of dependent materials.
Temperature detection whilst transporting animals - our system meets the requirements veterinary institutions.

Get updates on changes of loads either through theft or unplanned deliveries.
Document vehicle weight over time and distance in the contentious situations.

Detection of opening / closing of doors and record time and locations of activity.

Monitoring activity from various functions around the vehicle providing Digital or Analogue outputs for change of state indicating loss of performance or causes for concern.

Business Vehicle Tracking with TIGTrack

There are numerous reasons why you may decide to use a GPS tracking device for cars, vans or a fleet tracking system.

When you install a black-box tracking device it will provide you with all the information you need to:

  • Maintain a Duty of Care towards staff.
  • Monitor time and attendance of staff.
  • Understand the relationship between fuel expenses and mileage.
  • Reduce insurance costs for business and personal use.
  • Have reports on various metrics in the event of any incidents, such as speeding or accidents.
  • Protect you, the Employer, and your employee.

Legal Obligations, Mitigating risk, Staff Safety and Duty of Care

What are a companies legal obligations with regard to staff who work alone and particularly who deal with the public or visit locations which are unknown or potentially hazardous?

If an event or incident occurs, i.e. if a member of staff falls, is taken ill or is attacked or threatened then the collection of evidence after the fact is onerous and often down to one word against another.

In this time of increasing appetite to engage in legal activities, i.e. ‘where there is blame there is a claim’ an employer can be on the receiving end of either staff or customers or the general public.

Having an audit trail on the vehicle the staff are driving gives you a clear start time, stop time and location. As a minimum it confirms the area the staff are in an allows you to corroborate and audit events.

For example, if an accident, driving offence or report of an incident occurs then staff at HQ can see in real time what is happening and look back through the history the evidence exact times, locations, speeds etc.

This is an approach that works in the employers and employees favour.

Generally staff who object to this type of system are those who have something to hide. After all, it is in everybody's interests to record events accurately.

Support for Disputes, Misuse of Company Resources, Proof and Audit

One of the major concerns for any business is cost control and for any business who run a mobile fleet and workforce the ability to leak revenue through misuse of vehicles can be significant. Legally for example, a vehicle could be insured for business use only and to and from place of business.

Generally if there is an incident it is the company who will suffer as the owner of the vehicle a) through loss and possibly b) through prosecution in extreme circumstances. However, fuel, fuel and fuel is generally the area where most businesses hemorrhage and the ability directly compare mileage to fuel costs can be very revealing.

Many disputes with staff relate to time keeping, attendance and behaviour. Car tracking devices can play a large part in this.

The oldest and most frequent misdemeanors are booking time not worked, arriving at location late, not at all, or leaving site early. This can affect the employer and customer or both.

Often just being able to check either live status and/or history for a vehicle and driver can either head-off a dispute or provide evidence for later investigations.

If any dispute gets to a point where disciplinary procedures are in progress the historical proof of an employees time and attendance can be invaluable in the body of evidence presented to resolve a conflict in either direction.

Its Not just about Big Brother!

There is no doubt that Tracking systems can be used to micro manage a business in the hands of the 'colloquial control freak'! However, if people are like this then that is the way they manage anyway and the atmosphere will be generally unpleasant…

However, the other side of the coin is this:

  • If you are doing nothing wrong then why worry.
  • If you are in danger or involved in an incident which is your fault or not then his can help protect you as an employee.
  • If the boss is accusing you of stepping out of line or being somewhere you shouldn't be this can defend the employee.
  • The office doesn't need to track you out of anything sinister but for your safety and well being!
  • This is a tool to improve efficiency and safety. An efficient and safe business is somewhere people should feel happy to work.


  • Duty of Care.
  • Time and Attendance.
  • Fuel expenses Vs Company Mileage.
  • Insurance for Business and Personal use.
  • Incidents, speeding, accidents, acquisitions.
  • Protecting the Employer and Employee.