Business Vehicle Tracking

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Business Vehicle Tracking

Based on years of experience, the Tracking Intelligence Group provides innovative solutions for business vehicle tracking that can be adapted to many situations and the monitoring of special objects. The selected solutions, represent companies that have different types of trailers, construction equipment, farm equipment or containers.

Our solutions allow customers the freedom to monitor work activity and fuel consumption, to control the machinery as well reporting the accurate position of objects. Where a fixed power supply/battery is not available for longer periods of time (trailers, containers) a larger battery unit is available.

The products enable the calculation of working hours for drivers, vehicles and machinery. They also report the status of connected sensors over time to assist the preparation of reports for working time, driving performance, driving distances, fuel consumption, location and service life, etc.

With the additional monitoring of the trailers you have access to flexible products that manage energy and allow multiple usage charges. The systems are easily mounted and secured and work well at low temperatures complemented by the additions of suitable sensors such as Thermo King, see further information.

trailer tracking
One of TIGTrack's newest offerings is a Trailer Tracking product. This effectively provides a combination of management and protection functions in one solution.

The Trailer Tracker is supplied with a long life battery to ensure the it can work in isolation for 2 months in the field. The unit will also alert you if the battery is running low, although it is not anticipated that an expensive assset will be left unused for more than a few weeks at a time. This particular unit can be used at extremely low temperatures.

Analogue/ Digital inputs and RS232 interfaces also allow to connections to external sensors and to monitor the trailers status and position. A very useful function of this product is the ability to read the data from refrigerated trucks Thermo King system. The unit is water resistant and tested outdoors in extreme conditions.

This product is targetted at trailer use where units are dropped off at remote locations, depots and docks and are effectively stranded and vulnerable. Using TIGTrack Trailer Tracker allows HQ to monitor the location of the Trailers and get alerts when they move, i.e. if the Trailer is picked up by somebody who is not part of your company.

The product also allows you to allocate resources more effectively and use the assets at your disposal more efficiently.

We are confident that the combination of managing your assets more effectively and the protection of your stranded assets with regards to theft will pay off the initial investment very quickly and save money on the bottom line of your business very effectively.

vehicle tracking for construction industry
Construction machinery is perhaps the most challenging asset to maintain in the field. The environment is harsh and generally unknown, leading to the necessity for maintenance and repairs. The machines are also difficult if not impossible to insure via normal routes due to the high incidents of theft as the machines are highly sought after and valuable.

The general workload of these machines and their location is critical for any business using or renting this equipment. The TIGTrack system enables your business to not only know where your valuable assets are but to also understand the crtitical elements that drive your profitability and risk!

Here are some key features of our system:

  • Current information on the fuel consumption and levels.
  • Working hours reports for drivers.
  • Usage reports for the machine.
  • Performance Monitoring of Bucket Crane motor activity plus other key components.
  • Plan service work based on conditions and usage.
  • Protect machines left on site unattended out-of-hours.

container tracking
Our solutions are designed for the monitoring and protection of freight containers on land and sea for up to 3 months usage away from a power source. When out of range of a cellular signal the device will log its positon on a regualr basis and report back its track as soon as it reaches land or passes a network point in the vicinity. This provides a record of the containers route in time and allows operators to report back to the client and boarder officials the history and source/destination of the cargo.

These systems can either be used for the freight forwarder and/or be used to augment customs and border crossing processes.

The TIGTrack solutions for the monitoring containers in summary includes:

  • Location of the container.
  • Registration and information about opening of the container.
  • Determining when and where the container was loaded and unloaded.
  • Warning signals automatically transmitted whenever route deviation has occured i.e. if the established delivery date was missed or if the container was opened at an unplanned location.
  • Bespoke installations for different environments.

tracking for agricultural vehicles
TIGTrack can help agricultural management of both large and small operations, improving the understanding of progress and procedures, i.e. plowing, planting and application of weed treatments for example. Not only can you see 'live' where your machinery is but as importantly what ground has been covered on what days and the precise route that has been taken.

If there is any concern that work was not carried out then a simple check on the system provides a record of activity graphically in time, date and locations and reports.

In summary we offer the following:

  • Accurate maps of crop planting and preparation.
  • Monitoring the implementation of field work.
  • Communication with operators via Garmin.
  • Monitoring the efficiency, type of work performed and engine speed, etc.
  • Current information on the fuel consumption and status.
  • Driver identification system.
  • Reports with the calculation of working hours.