Putting you in the Driving Seat for Customer Service with TIGTrack

Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

If you are doing work for a distributed customer base, providing a service or delivering product, the most commonly asked question at the office is: When are they going to get here? You said they would be….etc.

Generally this is followed by a long apology and a standard response of : well we told you it would be be AM or PM. The phone goes down on the customer and immediately you are on the phone to the driver – Where are you!? The customer is chewing my ear off and now I am chewing yours off! Driver replies, well if you stopped calling me maybe I could get on with my job and get to the customer!! Net result – everybody is angry. Most important, you have an unhappy customer.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

With TIGTrack Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions you can see all the time in the office where your vehicles are and if they are moving at what speed and in what direction. You are literally in the driving seat of your business without actually being there. You can tell the customer clear and accurate information of the likely outcome if it is good news or even if it is bad news. Customers like to know either way.

TIGTrack puts you in the driving seat of your business 24/7 to run your business more efficiently and provide your customers with better service.

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