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GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS Vehicle Tracking SoftwareOwning any kind of company; parcel delivery, food distribution, home and office removals that you have a fleet of vehicles out on the road day and night.

Working in this industry often means working to tight deadlines and busy schedules with late deliveries that lead to a drop in customer satisfaction. This means that your reputation as a business begins facing issues and the overall positive business profile you are looking to portray can be diminished. Keeping track of cars, vans or trucks can be a challenge; if a delivery hasn’t turned up at an expected time and location and the driver can’t be contacted, it can mean a difficult conversation with a customer and in turn leads to concern as to the safety of the driver themselves.

There is a solution to being able to care about the well-being of the team as well as be at the top of your game. In relation to knowing exactly what shipment is where and to enhance staff efficiency and that is to utilise Solutions, there is Tigtrack.

Fleet Management Problems

The main issues any company faces with regards to their fleet and staff include:

– Knowing exactly where the driver is
– Scheduling of drops
– The cost of the fuel being consumed
– The duty of care of being and employer
– Theft of vehicles; whether in storage or when out on the road
– Reckless driving
– Verifying working hours and overtime
– Guaranteeing customer delivery times

All of these issues appear on a regular basis and without any kind of vehicle tracking, it becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible, to resolve in a timely and cost-efficient way.

Solution – GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

The installation of live vehicle tracking can counteract all these problems, as the location of every vehicle is known at any time during its journey. In the unfortunate event of theft, the police will be able to trace and return the vehicle and the costs of claiming on insurance and subsequent rises in premiums are saved.

Live fleet tracking means that money can be saved each day. The scheduling of deliveries can be timetabled to the minute; the road use habits of the drivers can be monitored and training offered if required; fuel costs can be minimised through more efficient use of the vehicles and the safety of the employee is enhanced as their manager will always know where they should be.

Innovative technology now means that customer satisfaction can be at the heart of the growth of your business. You can give more accurate delivery times, know exactly where the vehicle is located and proactively offer revised delivery times if it becomes apparent that there will be a delay.

Live tracking can also provide data that will help with vehicle maintenance. The sensors can monitor and calculate the service requirements, give reports on driving distances and provide detailed fuel consumption statistics.

GPS vehicle tracking software makes sense for any company that wants to be in control of their business and to have first-hand information regarding location, timings and general operational management. Without this feature, those left holding the fort are left to second guess the movement of shipments. And in a world where technology is king and the customer is always right, they are on a one-way street to a downward spiral in commercial success.

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