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If you were offered the option to ensure the safety of a loved one by tracking them while driving…would you take it? Here at TIG Track we would advise that you did and avail of a personal car tracker by TIG Track using its easy interface.

You can’t put a price on a loved one’s safety;

  • Has your son or daughter recently just passed their driving test and is new to the road?
  • Do you live in a remote area and often have to commute in windy roads rather than main, well-maintained ones?
  • Do you have a relative that is a nervous driver?

TIG Track GPS personal car tracker can help with all of these possibilities.personal car tracker

Personal Car Tracker

Imagine the scenario; it’s late, the evening has closed in and it has begun to rain heavily, unexpectedly, as the weather forecast wasn’t as accurate as predicted. Your wife went to pick up your daughter from school from a theatre trip she went on. That was over two hours ago, for what is usually a forty minute round trip. You’ve tried calling but you notice that her phone has been left behind on the coffee table.

With TIG Track personal vehicle tracker you don’t have to worry in such a scenario as we provide a special GPS transmitter, which enables the customer to:

Form a geo-zone around required areas – such as your home and/or regularly frequented areas like schools or shopping centres;

  • Notification if vehicle leaves the specified areas by Text and/or Email
  • Notification of the exact time and address of the vehicle
  • Optional Ignition disable feature (conditions apply)
  • Monitoring of the vehicle if battery removed for up to 6-8 hours
  • Giving you piece of mind and options to raise alarm if necessary

The system can also help with security and theft protection. Each client has secure access to the Internet application providing a quick status preview of the specified vehicle from anywhere in the world.

So don’t delay – ensure your piece of mind and offer your loved ones a safety net while driving, they can be safe in the knowledge that others can track where they are should they run into difficulty with a superb personal vehicle tracker.

Enter your details on the form (above right) and we will call you back regarding your personal car tracker – we have it covered.


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