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GPS Car Tracking with TIGTrack

This isn’t what you expect! GPS car tracking is used so much these days in many applications from fun apps to the military. Much closer to home, this week my daughter broke down on the M25. It was 9PM and just starting to get dark on a dusky summer evening. I knew she was only 30 minutes away and I also knew that I could fix the problem relatively easily. We could have called out the RAC, after all she was a woman on her own and I know they react quickly, but as I could do something practical I did..GPS car tracking

Using our Mobile Phone App Trackeasy I took off and left the app running on my dashboard. I could clearly and easily see both my vehicle and hers in the same view and as I got closer it became clearer where she had pulled off on a motorway junction. It took me just 25 minutes to reach her within the legal speed limits and I was able to drive straight to the car park she was in. It sounds so simple but the peace of mind of knowing all the time where she was and being able to go straight to her without long complicated phone calls of explanation was a great relief. Within 5 minutes she was on her way again and I returned home feeling much happier.

If any members of my family are in trouble on the road I can do something about it practically. This is exactly the same for any family or business. The rules are the same. Use TIGTrack and Trackeasy to give you that Peace of Mind when you need it most.

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