Number Plate Theft and Car Cloning

Number Plate Theft and Car Cloning

Number Plate Theft and Car Cloning is on the increase. Even 10 years ago it was significant but often unreported incident. However, the increasing use of ANPR camera technology for enforcing speed limits, Congestion Zone management and toll charging like the Dartford Crossing has made the crime even more attractive. Did you know that it actually falls on you to prove that it was not you at that place an offence occurs?

It is difficult to qualify the crime figures but estimates last year of 40,000 could be the tip of the ice-berg as the nefarious need to disguise a car with different plates is increasing rapidly. Immediately it is essential that the theft of plates is notified to the authorities so you have some defence but this is only half the story. If a plate has been cloned and there are 2 or even more cars driving around with your registration plate then you have a major problem.

Firstly, they are getting the benefit of your tax and registration fees but secondly they are more likely to be the sort of people who commit crimes more freely!

Number Plate Theft and Car CloningSo, what to do? As it is down to you to prove that you were not at a certain location at a certain time speeding or passing a toll point then you need to find somebody to act as an alibi for you to prove that you were not at the location etc etc.

Enter TIGtrack. We have a simple live tracking system that enables you to print off exactly where your vehicle was on a certain day/time and the speed you were doing. This is clear evidence that supports your defence with the authorities for any offence which you did not commit.

Not only does it work for this possible problem it also gives you a whole set of tools which you can use on your PC and Smart Phone to see where your vehicles are and provide Peace of Mind for personal and business lives.

Contact TIGTrack today and secure your vehicle indentity.


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