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Safety first is the mantra of many a company in their CSR policy …

…But employers also have responsibility under Health and Safety legislation to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their work activities. This includes the activity of driving on public roads.

There is a strong business case for managing work-related road safety, namely that fewer road incidents mean:

– Fewer days lost to injury
– Fewer repairs to vehicles
– Fewer missed orders
– Reduced running cost

HSE wants to achieve ‘effective management by employers of the risks from driving for work, working together with their employees’. In order to achieve this they have set out some protocols in their ‘Legal Obligations, Mitigating risk, Staff Safety and Duty of Care’ document.

So what are a company’s legal obligations with regard to staff who work alone and particularly who deal with the public or visit locations which are unknown or potentially hazardous?

Currently, if an event or incident occurs, i.e. if a member of staff falls, is taken ill or is attacked or threatened then the collection of evidence after the fact is onerous and often down to one word against another. And, in this time of increasing appetite to engage in legal activities, i.e. ‘where there is blame there is a claim’, an employer can very easily be on the receiving end of staff, customers or the general public qualms.

Having an audit trail on the vehicle that staff are driving may give you the layer of protection that you need. By giving you a clear start time, stop time and location, as a minimum it would confirm the area that your staff are in and would allow you to corroborate and audit any incidents that crop up.

For example, if an accident, driving offence or report of an incident occurs then staff at HQ can see, in real time, what is happening or look back through the history and find evidence of exact times, locations, speeds and other data that could be essential for your records.

This is an approach that works in both the employer and employees favour and generally, staff who object to this type of system are the same staff who have something to hide. After all, it’s in everybody’s interests to record events accurately.

Here at Tigtrack we can help with this aim, by ensuring that your fleet is safe through the winter months. So make the good business sense decision and invest in a fleet tracking system. It gives you as an employer peace of mind and will provide your employees with a duty of care – be an employer with a positive reputation in your industry, whatever that may be – choose Tigtrack today.

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