Keyless Vehicle Theft – Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems Can Recover Your Car

Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems

It’s all over the news this week and the BBC have run an article on the subject. But to most commercial drivers and owners of fleets of Vans, particularly Transits, this is old news. For some time some nefarious members of our community have been targeting these vans and high end cars using readily available commercial tools to access the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) connector on vehicles and using a program to copy the key to a blank Fob and Hey-Presto, away they drive with your critical work asset or high value vehicle and all that is in it!

stolen vehicle protectionMany commercial companies turn to OBD covers to protect access to this connector and they are very effective but at the same time fleets are also looking to GPS tracking devices to provide live information on their fleets of vehicles and setting up bespoke tell-tale signals to alert them of unexpected behaviour or activities particularly in the early hours of the morning when thefts typically occur. Companies also ask for Geofence alarms to alert them if a vehicle moves out of a certain area out of working hours.

Tracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Here at TIGTrack we help provide a suite of services that help our customers both Private and Commercial to protect their vehicles and give them peace of mind. We provide additional layers of defence that can make a theft more difficult to succeed and give owners an audit trail for their own use, for the police and for insurance companies to prove that at a particular time certain events occurred and where.

At TIGTrack we promote a layered and bespoke approach to vehicle monitoring and defence giving you peace of mind as you go about your daily lives at home and work. Call TIGTrack today and enjoy peace of mind and even lower insurance premiums!

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