Doing your bit for the environment

car trackers and environmentWith TIG Track, you can help drive down your carbon footprint, enabling you to do your bit for the environment and help with your company’s CSR credentials too.

The 2008 Climate Change Act established the world’s first legally binding climate change target, which aimed to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050.

The Act was designed to try and achieve this reduction through action at home and abroad. Moving to a more energy efficient, low-carbon economy will help meet this target. It will also help the UK become less reliant on imported fossil fuels and less exposed to higher energy prices in the future.

With TIG Track you can reduce fuel costs and carbon-footprint. You can plot the journey of your fleet, review journey logs and seek out new options to save fuel.

A Tracker device for cars

This tracker device for cars enables live monitoring, event and status reporting of your vehicles, assets and drivers in real time in the field throughout the UK and Europe.

You can also access historical data for the last 12 months of driving activity. This allows you to improve your operations and protect against false claims or representation.

When combined, assessing the routes of your fleet can lead to remarkable improvements to your carbon footprint and save you time and money.

A major problem in using an effective fleet tracking system in transport management is communication. Using mobile phones, pagers and other handheld devices can be problematic for many reasons. Additionally use of roaming connections internationally can make costs difficult to predict.

The ‘Navigator’ acts as a communication tool allowing an unlimited number of messages to be sent, which can be answered easily or confirmed allowing you to update and revise journeys accordingly.

We offer a complex system for professional management of routing, loading, and effective planning of the driver operating times and locations.

Features include the following:

  • design a route in the TIG Track system and send to your driver
  • obtain confirmation regarding the route and direct your driver
  • get instant notification of any problems as they occur
  • see driver closest to do the job

Critically, the total cost always remains the same regardless how much information is sent.

Add to this the tachograph, one of the first on the market, our system can read a digital tachograph and automatically transfer the necessary data from the driver’s card to the back-office system.

Commercial driving regulations require the accurate recording of driver activities and request their submission to the Office for Transport. Our system enables you to connect directly to the digital tachograph and driver status information.

These features enable our customers to interpret and control driver working hours in real time.

Additionally the analysis of the working time of each driver helps to increase the efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

A really helpful function of reading data from the digital tachograph is the direct transmission to the application which is the officially recognized format within the EU.

This means vehicles do not need to find a place to read the card or return to base. The driver saves time and fuel and sacrifices just two minutes to send the entire record which is then immediately available on the TIG Track portal.

We understand the control and monitoring of fuel consumption in any fleet is perhaps the most critical factor to success. Even small changes made over many vehicles over time can make huge differences to the bottom line of your business. For this reason we have developed a system that measures fuel consumption for multiple types of vehicles reliably and accurately.

Our system allows you to compare fuel utilisation with other important parameters in order to improve the overall efficiency and operating costs of the fleet.

The TIG Track system allows you to access information about;

  • fuel level and fuel consumption, displayed in the form of a track history for a specified period
  • fuel level and fuel consumption, in the form of reports over a certain period

Knowledge is power. TIG Track supplies you with the insights to make informed decisions.

Contact us today for further information on tracking your fleet and to improve your company’s carbon footprint.

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