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tracker for cars theft protection

There were an estimated 934,000 vehicle-related thefts in 2013/14 to year end March 2014, make sure you don’t become a statistic – TIGTrack can help you.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) covers offences against vehicles owned by any member of the household interviewed (including company cars). With around four in 100 vehicle-owning households being victims in the year ending March 2014.

Tracker for cars

Secure – The theft protection solution by TIGTrack can be used by individuals and business aiming to improve security in case of theft.

Vehicle fleet security is a major challenge for mobile business particularly when vehicles are parked or stored in many locations. This is why the selected system has to be effective and reliable!

Each client has secure access to the internet application providing a quick status preview of the specified vehicle from anywhere in the world.

We provide a special GPS transmitter, which enables our customers to:

  • Form a geozone around required areas – HQ / Office / Storage areas etc
  • Get notification if vehicle leaves the specified areas by text and/or email
  • Get notification of the exact time and address of the vehicle
  • Option to disable the ignition feature (conditions apply)
  • Monitor the vehicle if battery removed for up to six to eight hours

All of these features, will invariably help you to safe proof your car from theft, as far as possible, and help you become less of a target or a statistic of crime. Get in touch with TIGTrack today for all your fleet tracking needs.

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