Business Vehicle Tracking UK

The combination of TIGTrack high-quality products and applications will help your business reduce operating costs and respond to your customers better.

fleet tracking device

TIGTrack will provide you with a live window into your fleet’s life allowing smarter allocation of resources and faster response to incidents as they occur.

Better Informed, Better Prepared!


Where A Vehicle Is Currently
Where It Has Been Previously
How It Has Been Behaving


How Much Your Fleet Is Costing You.

And How To Improve Your Work Practices.


Reduce Unnecessary Trips
Reduce Unnecessary Hours
Reduce Unnecessary Fuel Consumption

TIGTrack optimises your fleet for cost, safety and security;

Small percentage improvements over time make BIG differences to your bottom line!

If your staff have a problem you can get help to them quickly and provide an audit trail in case of prosecution or disagreement.

Additionally, protect from theft - you can track and trace the vehicle if it is stolen or missing.

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    Business Vehicle Tracking System

    The business vehicle tracking solutions provided by the TIGTrack group have been developed for all transport, delivery and service fleets from cars to vans and trucks. The system is based on GPS Satellite, GSM and Internet technology.

    Benefits of Business Vehicle Tracking

    This business fleet tracking system enables live monitoring, event and status reporting of your vehicles, assets and drivers in real time in the field throughout the UK and Europe.


    Access historical data for the last 12 months of driving activity

    Data collection and analysis provide operational management and audit of the fleet and workforce

    Calculates the working time of drivers, current position and other parameters in graphical and table form.

    Data can be viewed securely on any suitable web-based device.

    Provides access for third party applications like Project44 for some of the big online brands and logistics systems


    Improve your operations and protect against false claims or representation.

    Fight excessive fuel consumption, better organize working time of staff, increase security for your vehicles.

    Facilitates quick analysis of distance and times related to each job or task.

    Access data and analysis at any time, on the go, on demand.

    Integrate with other systems to optimise and automate workflows.

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    The TIGTrack portal presents the following information:

    - Current Position On The Map.
    - Direction Of Travel.
    - And Speed.
    - Moving Or Stationary.
    - Address Location.
    - Last Time The Device Reported A Change In Status.
    - Screen Refresh Every 30 Seconds To 1 Minute.

    Vehicle Tracking Devices for Business

    There are numerous reasons why you may decide to use GPS tracking for business vehicles , including individual cars and vans or a fleet.

    When you install a black-box tracking device it will provide you with all benefits of business vehicle tracking to enable you to:

    - Maintain A Duty Of Care Towards Staff.

    - Monitor Time And Attendance Of Staff.

    - Understand The Relationship Between Fuel Expenses And Mileage.

    - Reduce Insurance Costs For Business And Personal Use.

    - Have Reports On Various Metrics In The Event Of Any Incidents, Such As Speeding Or Accidents.

    - Protect You, The Employer, And Your Employee.

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